Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur

Roboreptile Robotic DinosaurRoboreptile Robotic Dinosaur Review

The Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur is large, menacing and one impressive looking dinosaur toy.

Made by WowWee, Roboreptile is almost 3 feet long and moves very realistically. He won the 2006 Toy Of The Year Award. Despite that, reviews for Roboreptile although generally positive are mixed, ranging from “wonderful” all the way to ”not worth it.”

That is a pretty wide range of opinions. So if you are thinking about buying Roboreptile you will want to read this review before laying down $200 for this remote control dinosaur.

Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur
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Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur Product Features 
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Roboreptile Product Description
Roboreptile Product Images
Roboreptile Customer Reviews
Roboreptile Pros&Cons
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Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur Product Features

  • Roboreptile uses infrared vision and sonic sensors for greater intelligence
  • Roboreptile has four moods aggressive, ferocious, passive or tamed
  • Roboreptile includes more than 30 preprogrammed functions
  • Can be controlled directly with the remote or let loose
  • Has autonomous Free Roam, Demo Mode, Guard Mode or Sleep Mode.
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 12.1 x 33.2 inches
  • Recommended age: 8 – 12 years
  • Batteries: 9 AA batteries required.

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Roboreptile Remote Control Dinosaur Video

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Roboreptile Product Description

Roboreptile Robotic DinosaurThe Roboreptile measures 10.8 x 12.1 x 33.2 inches and comes with a remote control and a hood accessory used to put Roboreptile to sleep.

Roboreptile uses infrared sensors for its eyes and audio sensors for its ears. It is able to respond to sounds and can see and change directions when it encounters an obstacle.

You can control Roboreptile directly with the remote unit or let him free range on his own. The range of the remote is somewhat limited by the fact it uses an infrared beam and the sensors are in its head so you need to have a clear line of sight to use it.

The remote is a bit quirky and it will take some time to figure it out. For example the right and left buttons stop Roboreptile’s right or left leg which actually makes him turn in the opposite direction. Still Roboreptile moves and waves his tail impressively and does look like a threatening dinosaur when he snaps at something.

The range of motion for this robotic dinosaur is good. It can walk forward on two or four legs, jump, swipe its tail from side to side, bite, shake and it and walk fast or slow and take large or small steps. One user commented that her cats are totally convinced Roboreptile is alive.

In free roam mode Roboreptile can interact with his surroundings and avoid obstacles by backing up and changing directions.

Roboreptile has three different moods. Hungry is his aggressive natural state. Push the feed button to calm him and make him eat. Satisfied occurs after he has eaten. Using the included hood that covers his sensors will put him to sleep.

You can use program mode and enter a series of up to 20 steps and make him do a dino dance. In guard mode he will sit upright ready to attack. If  his sensors pick up anything he will growl and lunge in that direction.

Roboreptile comes with two sound level adjustments, loud and soft but users report they both are pretty loud.

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Roboreptile Product Images

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Roboreptile Customer Reviews

A wonderful addition to the family. Better than a dog: Roboreptile Review)”

Absolutely one of the best Christmas toy that I received!!Roboreptile Review)”

They’re getting better, but still not the perfect artificial pet: Roboreptilee Review)

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Roboreptile Pros & Cons

roboreptile prosRoboreptile Pros:

  • Roboreptile is solidly built
  • Roboreptile is large and impressive looking
  • Sleek modern design combines well with ancient dinosaur shape
  • Can be used as remote control dinosaur or set to free range on its own
  • Has a variety of modes, program functions and movements

roboreptile consRoboreptile Cons:

  • Remote takes some getting used to
  • Remote uses infrared rather than RC so range is limited
  • Can be noisy
  • Some users were disappointed in its performance

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Roboreptile Review Summary

Should you buy Roboreptile?

I would recommenced this toy conditionally. Whether you will be satisfied with Roboreptile largely depends on your expectations.

If you are looking for a robotic dinosaur that performs like something out of Star Wars you will be disappointed.  That technology is just not available and even if it were you couldn’t get it at this toys price.

On the other hand this robotic dinosaur toy is capable of operating on its own without the remote. It displays reasonable “intelligence” by using its sensors and does have some pretty impressive movements.

Some folks absolutely love this toy. For the most part it seems they had realistic expectations and took the time to read the instructions and master the remote and other functions.

This toy is aimed at children 8 to 12 years old. Many of the less positive reviews were from adults who bought this toy and were disappointed the toy didn’t do more right out of the box. It is not clear if they spent time learning to use it or expected to just push a button and have a robotic pet dinosaur.

I think this toys large size, impressive appearance and programing would appeal to the intended age group. Even if this toy did nothing at all it would make an attractive display piece in its own right.

Some kids will take time to learn to use Roboreptile and come up with innovative ways to play with it like terrorizing the family cat or dog or building an obstacle course or letting it interact with other remote control toys. Others may get bored with it.

If you or your child are into robotic toys or dinosaurs then I would recommend buying the Roboreptile Robotic Dinosaur as it will likely be a big hit with them. This age group likes large toys and will enjoy Roboreptile’s aggressive nature

If on the other hand you are looking for a robotic pet that displays true artificial intelligence then save your money and go watch a Sci Fi movie instead because technologically we just aren’t there yet and any of todays robotic toys will disappoint you.%%CACHEDPRICEDISCLAIMER%%