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little inu interactive dinosaurMeet Little Inu the interactive dinosaur. He’s a cute, friendly and fun interactive pet from Senario who lives in a tropical island paradise.

The best price for Little Inu is on Amazon where he is currently selling for $25-50 less than anywhere else and the price includes free shipping.

Although Inu  is being recommended for ages 8 and up I think many younger kids would enjoy playing with these dinosaur toys and adults would find them amusing too. Because of choking hazards Inu is not recommended for kids under 3 years of age.

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What Makes Little Inu Different From Other Interactive Toys?

little inu  sensors

Many interactive toys merely follow a set of preprogrammed commands but our little dinosaur is much more interactive. The more you play with Inu the more you will discover about him. Thanks to a sophisticated sensor array he can interact in a much more realistic manner making him seem more like a real pet than a robot.

  • Little Inu comes with six different sensors located on his head, nose, mouth, under the chin, back and whole body
  • He can show emotions, moods and feelings like being happy or sad or frisky or sleepy. He shows affection and enjoys being held and he responds when he is petted or cuddled
  •  Inu comes with an interactive coconut (his favorite drink) and an interactive taro root (his favorite food)
  • Inu requires 1 NiMH 7.2V 800mAh Battery which is included

One shortcoming of many previous robotic dinosaur toys was a short battery life. But one user reported  the battery life is 4 or 5 days compared to just hours for earlier interactive toys. Of course Inu comes with a battery charger.

Another thing that is unique is that Little I nu has interactive toys he can play and interact with. I don’t know of any other interactive toy quite like this. There is a glow egg with a baby dinosaur inside that hatches and a lava ball that Inu interacts with.  These are available separately.

We think Little Inu would make a great gift idea.

Senario Little Inu Interactive Dinosaur with Lifelike Movement and Emotions

Senario Little Inu Interactive Dinosaur with Lifelike Movement and Emotions
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Product Description

Little Inu is an Interactive Pet Dinosaur with incredibly lifelike appearance and behavior. Bond with Little Inu as you learn more about his unique moods, behavior, and personality. Inu doesn't perform preset actions at random, but actually reacts to his environment just like a real pet! The more you play with him, the more you'll discover. Little Inu is great for kids ages eight and up.

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Little Inu Interactive Pet
At a Glance:
  • Realistic sounds and fluid movements
  • Inu displays lifelike emotions with behavior and body language
  • Multiple sensors let Little Inu physically react to his environment
  • Includes two interactive accessories

Age Requirements:

8 years and up

Assembly Requirements:

1 NiMH battery (included)


30-day limited warranty

Senario Little Inu Interactive Pet Product Shot
Featuring six different sensors, Little Inu can respond to your touch and show you his emotions just like a real pet.
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Senario Little Inu Interactive Pet Product Shot
The included taro root and coconut provide a tasty treat. Inu's nose even lets him know which item is which! View larger.
Realistic Look, Feel, and Movement

Little Inu is full of life! He easily walks forward or backward and has full range of motion in his head and neck. His motions are fluid, not mechanical. Little Inu has a soft, touchable hide so you'll love to hug, pet, or roughhouse with him. He also makes fun dinosaur sounds and hints at his mood with expressive eyelids.

Genuine Moods and Personality

Just like a real pet, Little Inu displays his emotions. Pay attention to his eyes, sounds, and body language, and you can easily tell when Inu is happy, sad, calm, frisky, playful, sleepy, and more. With different interactive sensors, he is totally attuned to his treatment and surroundings. For example, pet his back or tickle his chin and you'll be delighted to watch him wag his tail in appreciation.

Two Interactive Accessories

Little Inu comes with two interactive accessories: a taro root, his favorite food, and coconut milk, his favorite drink. Like any smart pet, he can tell the difference between the two with a quick sniff and decide if he's ready for a snack or a sip.

For more interactive fun, you can give Inu an egg that glows at his touch, a curious-looking lava ball, or a ti leaf to make him feel more playful (each sold separately).

Little Inu's Story

Little Inu is an Interactive Pet Dinosaur who was born on a remote Polynesian island. There he lives, in a hidden tropical paradise, enjoying his taro roots and coconuts. Each day, Inu sets out on an adventure to discover more of his new surroundings. Join Little Inu and share the fun of exploring his beautiful world together.

Senario Little Inu Interactive Pet is backed by a manufacturer's limited 30-day warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship under normal use.*

What's in the Box

Little Inu Interactive Pet Dinosaur, two interactive accessories (coconut and taro root), one rechargeable NiMH battery, ac adapter, charging station, and instructions.

* Coverage under this 30-day warranty is limited to the United States of America, including the District of Columbia and the U.S. Territories of Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. To obtain warranty service, call Senario at 1-815-337-0889 or e-mail [email protected]


  • Interactive feed him, pet him, and love him like your very own pet
  • Little Inu has six different interactive/touch sensors located on his body. Location of Sensors Head, Nose, Mouth, Under Chin, Back and Whole Body
  • He displays real emotions and has different moods and feelings, he can be happy or sad or frisky or sleepy, he is very affectionate and likes to be held and he responds when he is petted or cuddled
  • Included with Inu is an interactive coconut (his favorite drink) and an interactive taro root (his favorite food)
  • Little Inu requires 1 NiMH 7.2V 800mAh Battery, included with Little Inu