LEGO Ferocious Creatures T Rex Lego Dinosaur

lego dinosaurs - LEGO Ferocious Creatures 5868Build The LEGO Ferocious Creatures  T Rex Lego Dinosaur

Build an awesome looking T Rex Lego Dinosaur. This dinosaur toy is hiding inside the LEGO Ferocious Creatures 5868 brick set and just waiting to get out.

Things are getting crowded inside the box because there’s a hungry snapping crocodile and a mean looking sea creature too.

LEGO Ferocious Creatures

Product FeaturesLEGO Ferocious Creatures T Rex Lego Dinosaur

  • 3 toys in1: T Rex, Croc or deep sea fish
  • Articulated bodies with swinging tail
  • Building instructions for all 3 models
  • Each creature is over 16″ long
  • Ages 7 and up
  • 416 LEGO pieces

 T Rex Lego Dinosaur is a fun build

Even though this isn’t strictly just a dinosaur toys kids will love it . Also it is affordably priced and a great deal when you consider it is 3 different toys in one.

One really cool thing about the set is the creatures are big and they are articulated. Each is 18 inches long.  The T Rex has a  moveable head and jaws. The other body parts also move and the swinging tail is really cool.

Lego dinosaur toys make great gifts for any dino lover in the family and will keep kids entertained for hours.

LEGO Ferocious Creatures T Rex Lego DinosaurLEGO Ferocious Creatures T Rex Lego Dinosaur