Imaginext Dinosaurs – Imaginext Pterodactyl

Imaginext Pterodactyl New Imaginext Dinosaurs From Fisher Price

Imaginext Dinosaurs New Imaginext PterodactylFisher Price has launched some new Imaginext Dinosaurs in 2011 and among them is the Imaginext Pterodactyl.

The cool thing about these dinosaur toys is they come with really fun accessories. You can play with them like they are a regular dinosaur, but they all come with high tech gear that brings a new dimension to playing with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs may have become extinct in the past but they have been reborn in the future.

Imaginext Dinosaurs Pterodactyl Features

  • Imaginext dinosaur toys foster imagination
  • Features two projectiles in his jet boosters for added play
  • Trigger activated claws can grasp objects and set them down where needed
  • Comes with a figure, armor and fun kid activations
  • All armor is removable from the dinosaur for classic dino play
  • Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 7.5 inches
  • 36 months – 7 years

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The Imaginext Pterodactyl is ready to take flight for your dinosaur lover and features with an impressive 18 inch wing span. The Pterodactyl Imaginext Dinosaur also comes with high tech jet boosters and a control panel for an action figure. Pulling his tail activates his claws which can grasp objects and then drop them where you want them. This Imaginext Dinosaur also can launch two projectiles from his jet boosters for added action. The Pterodactyl Dinosaur can remove all his armor for a Jurassic natural look or put it on and instantly transform into a futuristic dinosaur warrior. This will be a fun addition to the Imaginext Dinosaurs line of toys and is suitable for ages three and up.