Imaginext Dinosaurs – Imaginext Ankylosaurus

Meet The Imaginext Ankylosaurus New Imaginext Dinosaurs

Imaginext Dinosaurs - Imaginext Ankylosaurus

Imaginext Dinosaurs newest member of the family is the Imaginext Ankylosaurus.

The new 2011 dinosaur toys from Fisher Price are very affordable so you can mix and match them for  fun dinosaur play.

All of the Imaginext Dinosaurs in this series can be played with like a regular dinosaur.

But each dinosaur toy also features armor or other high tech futuristic gear that they can wear for even more adventures.

Imaginext’s dinosaur toys are designed for kids 3 to 7 years old. The Ankylosaurus Dinosaur comes with an action figure, a drilling tool and a chunk of volcanium. The Imaginext Ankylosaurus features cool hammering action and a spring loaded tail. This dinosaur toy also includes protective head gear for the action figure and the dinosaur. Kids will have a blast playing with these new Imaginext Dinosaurs.