Giant-Sized Parasaurolopus Dinosaur Statue

Start Your Own Jurassic Park With A Giant-Sized  Parasaurolopus Dinosaur Statue

Giant Parasaurolopus Dinosaur Statue

What do you get for the dinosaur lover that has everything? How about a Giant-Sized Parasaurolopus Dinosaur Statue. This Parasaurolopus Dinosaur Sculpture measures 117 and 1/2″ W x 40″D x 94and 1/2″H and weighs 232 lbs.

A great addition to the landscape. Nearly 10 feet long and 8 feet tall this Parasaurolopus dinosaur statue is bound to make a big impression. Create your own backyard Jurassic Park or use the Giant-Sized Parasaurolopus  Dinosaur Statue to draw attention to your business.