Fisher Price Ball Pit – Fun Dinosaur Ball Pit

Ball-O-Saurus Dinosaur Ball Pit For Ages 18 Months And Up

Fisher Price Ball Pit - Fun Dinosaur Ball PitThe Fisher Price Ball-O-Saurus is a dinosaur ball pit designed for kids from 18 months and up.

Kids will enjoy the bright colors, the ball rolling ramp and the peek a boo windows on this dinosaur toy.

This dinosaur ball pit is inflatable and made from heavy-duty vinyl. The Fisher Price Ball-O-Saurus measures 42 inches in diameter and 36 inches in height.

One nice thing about this dinosaur ball pit is that you can use it inside or out. In summer it makes a great kiddy pool but you can bring it in when the weather changes.

Fisher Price says the Ball-O-Saurus is for ages from 18 months to 15 years. While I really can’t see a 15-year-old having much interest in this, I certainly think children younger than 18 months would enjoy sitting in this dinosaur ball pit and playing with the 25 included balls. Even if they can’t yet reach the ramp they will definitely enjoy climbing in and out through the windows.

Fisher Price Ball-O-Saurus Dinosaur Ball Pit Features

  • Brightly colored inflatable dinosaur ball pit
  • Spiral dinosaur tail ball ramp
  • Peek A Boo windows
  • 25 balls included
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • UV Resistant for long life
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play
  • 42″diameter x 36″H
  • Ages 18 months – 15 years

A fun time awaits your child with this dinosaur ball pit from Fisher Price. The inside outside use is a great feature too. Since this is inflatable you might want to look for an inexpensive air pump  for this dinosaur ball pit.