Velociraptor Model – Velociraptor Anatomy Model

Velociraptor Model – 4D Vision  Velociraptor Dinosaur Model

Velociraptor  Model - 4D Vision Velociraptor Anatomy Model Here’s a really cool Velociraptor  Model and what’s even cooler is that it’s on sale.

This Velociraptor model is much more than just a model dinosaur. It is a 3 Dimensional dinosaur model based on latest research.

Both fun and educational this Velociraptor Anatomy Model by 4D Vision shows off not only the outer structure of Velociraptor but also gives you a peek inside allowing you to see Velociraptor’s bones and internal organs as well.

 Velociraptor Model – 3D Dinosaur Model
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Velociraptor Model Features:

  • 39 fully detachable parts
  • 19″ model when complete
  • Transparent cutaway to view internal structures
  • Includes guidebook and display platform
  • 19.7 x 3.7 x 4.7 inches
  • Age: 8  Years and up


The 4D Vision Velociraptor ModelVelociraptor Model-4d-velociraptor-anatomy-model animated

The fun thing about this dinosaur toy is how it comes apart and goes back together again like a puzzle.

The 39 detachable internal organs and body parts allow for model building and the cutaway design allows viewing of Velociraptor’s internal structure.

The pieces of this educational  Velociraptor model are highly detailed and hand painted. This model is large and almost 20 inches long  so it also makes an impressive display piece if left assembled.

The creation of this dinosaur model was overseen by Professor Dong Zhi Ming an international authority on Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleo-anthropology to confirm its accuracy.

Kids can learn a lot about dinosaurs and their anatomy by putting Velociraptor together and taking him apart again.

Your dinosaur model comes with an illustrated assembly guide and a display platform. There’s a description of  Velociraptor’s anatomy along with some fun Q and A to test your knowledge.

The Velociraptor Model makes a great educational gift for dinosaur lovers and future paleontologists over the age of 8 years.