T Rex Skull Museum Quality Replica

T Rex Skull Replica – 25% Scale Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica  

T Rex SkullThis T Rex Skull is a museum quality Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Replica and is much more than a dinosaur toy or model.

T Rex Skull From Skullduggery 

Measuring 13 inches long 8 inches wide and 11 inches high this T Rex Skull is a 25% scale replica from Skullduggery.

This T  Rex Skull Replica comes with  an oak display base and identifying brass plaque.

T Rex Skull Replica
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Skullduggery has been making hand crafted fossil replicas for museums, universities and collectors for over 30 years now.

They use a proprietary process to make casts of actual dinosaur fossils and then painstakingly reproduce them. All the original fossils details are preserved

The T Rex Skull replica can be used for educational display and brings the world of science to the classroom or home.

Natural history buffs, dinosaur lovers and collectors will enjoy displaying this museum quality T Rex Skull replica in their office or study%%CACHEDPRICEDISCLAIMER%%