Papo Dinosaurs Triceratops

Papo Dinosaurs Triceratops Durable Realistic Dinosaur Models On Sale

Papo Dinosaurs TriceratopsPapo Dinosaurs Triceratops is  probably one of the best looking and most realistic Triceratops dinosaur toys you can find.

Next to T Rex, the three-horned triceratops is probably the most widely recognized and popular dinosaurs.

Papo Dinosaurs Triceratops
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The Papo Dinosaurs Triceratops is a sturdy, solid dinosaur model and is made out of  rubber. It has a bit of give to it and the horns are not particularly sharp it is about 9 inches long and it weighs a solid 12 ounces.

Papo Dinosaurs Triceratops Features

  • Papo Triceratops has hand painted details 
  • Realistic greenish tan in color 
  •  Mix and match with other Papo dinosaurs
  •  Encourages imagination and pretend play 
  •  Sturdy and durable construction
  •  Size: 8.8 x 3 x 4.5 inches  Wt. 12.2 ounces
  •  Great gift for dino lovers of all ages