Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus

Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus – Baby Bonehead Dinosaur

Papo Dinosaurs PachycephalosaurusThe Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus was designed for dinosaur lovers from ages 3 and up.

Papo dinosaurs are so detailed it isn’t really fair to call them dinosaurs toys and many collectors cringe at the idea of a 3-year-old banging one of these Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus models.

The Papo Pachycephalosaurus is made from a semi hard rubbery material and is sturdy enough to withstand most anything.

Detailed enough for the collector and tough enough for a kid.

Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus
 Sale Price:$11.17

Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus Details

It measures 5.7 x 1.7 x 3.2 inches. All Papo dinosaurs are built to a 1 in 20 scale and are hand painted. The detailing that goes into the Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus is outstanding.

This particular Papo Dinosaur is a bit smaller than many others in the collection but that is because it is supposed to be a baby Pachycephalosaurus.

Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus will make a great addition to any dinosaur collection or youngsters toy set. Perfect for any dinosaur lover. Best of all the Papo Dinosaurs Pachycephalosaurus has nothing to break and doesn’t need batteries.

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