Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus

Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus – Incredibly Lifelike Dinosaur Models

Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus


Papo Dinosaurs – Allosaurus

Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus is being called their best dinosaur model yet by some dinosaur collectors. While there is some question as to whether Allosaurus actually had spikes, there is certainly no question that this is a top quality dinosaur toy. Indeed, calling them dinosaurs toys almost seems unfair.

The Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus is great for dinosaur lovers ages three and up. The jaw is moveable and although the toy is sturdy there is the remote chance a young child could break it off and choke on it.

Papo Dinosaurs have gained quite a following and many adults play with them too. The dinosaurs are so realistic that many pose them outdoors in the landscape for photos and they really do look quite real. l don’t think any other manufacturer can match them and they come very close to museum quality.

The Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus features a very lifelike full stride pose and with the head partially turned the Allosaurus looks about to strike. The moveable jaw doesn’t just move but actually seems to give Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus an expressive personality

Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus Dinosaur Model Features:

  • Articulated jaw really opens and closes
  • Measures approximately 10.5 inches.
  • Beautiful hand painted detailing
  • Made of durable synthetic material
  • Great active pose, well balanced
  • Perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages

This is a great toy for young and old alike and will go great with the other Papo Dinosaurs in the collection. Have fun creating and populating your own prehistoric landscape. Papo Dinosaurs Allosaurus is great for sparking the imagination, reasonably priced for the quality and for once there’s no batteries to buy!%%CACHEDPRICEDISCLAIMER%%