Amazing Dinosaur Plant – Must See To Believe

Dinosaur Plant – Finally A Plant You Cant Kill

Dinosaur PlantThe Dinosaur Plant is an amazing example of toughness and survival and persistence.

The dinosaur plant is known by several names including Resurrection Plant and Rose of Jericho. Its scientific name is Selaginella lepidophylla. It is native to the Chihuahuan Desert.

About 300 million years ago these dinosaur plants dominated the earth. They started small like the Dinosaur Plants you see today. Eventually they evolved to reaching 100 feet in height with a diameter of six feet. They make up a major part of today’s coal deposits.

Dinosaur Plant

 Whether it was climate change or some other factors these plants went extinct except for their smaller relatives.

Now you can enjoy these relics from the past in your own home. The photo you see depicts a three hour time lapse. It is easy to see why these are also called Resurrection Plants when you see them spring back to life.

The Dinosaur Plant – Finally A Houseplant You Cant Kill

The Dinosaur Plant can survive 50 years without water or light. Just try that on your begonias. If you forget to water it the Dinosaur Plant will just curl back into a ball until you do again.

Because of the speed the Dinosaur Plant going from a dried up dead looking ball to a living plant it is fun for kids to watch and educational too. Dinosaur Plants are living dinosaur toys and would make a great science project too.

The Dinosaur Plant Is Educational And Fun

dinosaur plant classroom kitIf you are a teacher looking for a fun project there is a classroom kit available for your science class. The kit contains enough materials for 12 students, comes with instructions, experiment suggestions and student handouts. As an added benefit when the kids are done with the experiments they can take the plants home with them. Recommended ages 4+

Dinosaur Plant Classroom Kit C