T Rex Dinosaur Hat – Dinosaur Costume

T-Rex Dinosaur Hat Fit Adults And Kids – Fun To Wear Anytime

T-Rex Dinosaur Hat

The T-Rex Dinosaur Hat really is a lot of fun. You can wear it like a regular hat or use it as part of a Halloween costume.

T Rex Dinosaur Hats will fit kids and adults. This dinosaur hat is large enough even to fit adults comfortably and thanks to a Velcro strap it is highly adjustable.

Part Dinosaur Hat And Part Dinosaur Costume

You might be surprised to find that many adults buy the  T Rex Hat for themselves and wear it regularly just to watch the reaction they get

For Halloween this is better than any mask because your face and your vision are not restricted.

T Rex Dinosaur Hat


T Rex Dinosaur Hat Features

  • Fabric lining, secret pocket with fortune
  • Velcro size adjuster and chin strap
  • Fits adults and kids, 56-59 cm heads (22.5 inches)
  • Printed velvet, cotton, tricot, vinyl, EVA
  • T Rex Dinosaur Hat makes a fun gift