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Adults and children alike continue to be fascinated with dinosaurs. It seems to be a timeless obsession. Dinosaur toys have certainly come a long way since I was a child. Back then a remote control dinosaur had a battery pack attached by a cord, but now they are all wireless of course..

One thing that hasn’t changed  is our desire to want to know more about them and fantasize about them. D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur Toys Of course that means we also want dinosaur toys to play with and there is a wide selection to satisfy toddlers to adults.

Whether you are looking for a cuddly stuffed dinosaur or a ferocious remote control dinosaur they are all here. We don’t just have toys though, we also have a large selection of dinosaur theme items from clocks to wall murals. We are your everything dinosaur store.

Dinosaur Toys Are Fun and Educational

A dinosaur toy is fun to play with and can be educational too. They stimulate children to fantasize and become curious about the world we live in. They make us think about our environment and climate change. This opens a child’s mind up to learning about science and the world around us. Who knows, you may be raising a budding paleontologist.

There’s A Dinosaur Toy For Kids Of All Ages

LEGO Creator Stegosaurus 3 In One Dinosaur Toy

A dinosaur toy makes a great Christmas or birthday gift. We have Dinosaur Train Toys for the younger set and Imaginext Dinosaurs for older kids.

Robotic dinosaurs have become very popular and sensors allow them to see, feel and hear and advances in computer technology  have given them programmable behavior.

Kids and adults both love Lego Dinosaurs and the creative possibilities they offer. They help kids with visualization and motor skill development. The great thing about LEGOs is they offer builds with different difficulty levels making them ideal for all age groups.

T-Rex toys are probably the most popular at least for boys, while girls may prefer something a bit more cuddly like a pink triceratops pillow pet or dinosaur plush.

Dinosaur party supplies can make really make birthday parties a blast. We have Dinosaur Train party supplies and dinosaur cake toppers and molds to make your young dino lover’s day extra special. Why settle for a boring cake when you can have one shaped like a T-Rex?

We also offer dinosaur games, DVDs,books and dinosaur themed clothing. Everyone needs a dinosaur t shirt. Dinosaur costumes are not only for Halloween. Kids love playing dress up any time and some of these costumes make great PJs too. We even have dinosaur costumes for dogs.

Dinosaur Bedding SetsDinosaur bedding for boys is a popular item and can transform a dull dreary bedroom into a prehistoric playground. And dinosaur bedding is not just limited to boys bedrooms. There’s lots of great dinosaur bedding for girls too. For little ones dinosaur baby crib sets are a popular item for the nursery.

We have dinosaur decor and dinosaur wall decals to dress up any room in the house. If you are the creative type and enjoy arts and crafts we even have dinosaur fabric and quilt squares so you can make your own decorations.

From toddlers to adults Dinosaur Toys is sure to have something to tickle your fancy and your imagination.

Buddy Dinosaur Train Costume Boy’s Large

Buddy The Dinosaur Costume

A fun Buddy Costume for bigger kids. Sure to please the Dinosaur Train crowd this Halloween.

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